Do's and Don't

Ayurveda is a science with close connections to nature. Modern lifestyles and wrong food habits play a huge part in causing many of the diseases and ailments. So the remedy could simply involve changing the lifestyle to a healthy one.

S.N. Do’s Don’t
1 Avoid Viruddha Ahara (Foods that are incompatible) Go to bed early
2 Maintain regular diet regimen Avoid suppression of body urges beyond limits
3 Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet Avoid abuse of sense organs
4 Exercise regularly
5 Preserve health and maintain body care
6 Avoid unhindered exposure to strong emotions and negative thoughts
7 Stick to a diet best suited for a balanced constitution
8 Try waking up at the Brahma Muhurtha (approx. 1 ½ hours before sunrise) for making use of the best time for meditation
9 Follow the precise diet prescribed by the doctor while undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment for maximum advantage.