Is Ayurveda Safe ?

It is an herbal and natural health care system

Ayurvedic products are completely safe

Mind, body and spirit health care system for long creative life

Treats the whole person and subtly eliminates the cause of the disease

It gives emphasis in preventive medicine

It is the most effective natural treatment to detoxify the body

Human body has the enormous power to heal itself

Highly perfected rejuvenation treatments

Herbal cure for the diseases

Preventive as well as curative treatments

According to Ayurveda, person is a microcosm (small universe) that is part of macrocosm and rhythm or life is closely connected with the rhythms of the universe

Diseases are caused due to improper eating and life style ignoring one’s especial body type, age, and environment

By establishing a perfect balance between inner and outer world mind, body, and spirit will be in perfect health