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Dealing Dry Skin Allergies in Winter Weather

Dealing Dry Skin Allergies in Winter Weather

Winters are synonymous to shorter days, soothing longer nights, miserable cold weather, bouts of flu, crunching into a ball under cosy blankets or quilts and sipping on hot fluids. For the chocolate lovers, hot chocolate in this bone chilling weather is another bliss! People fancy cosiness so they keep themselves warm by putting on sweaters, gloves, jacket, scarf, socks, overcoats and boots.

With the onset of winters, our body undergoes certain changes. Feeling under the weather is quite common with cold or flu striking in winters. Winter air can be hard on your skin as well. It dries out your skin, and may trigger a flare-up of dry skin allergy.

Millions of people suffer from dry skin allergies in winters. Dry skin allergy is a bothersome condition in which the skin becomes super dry and sensitive as well as more prone to flaking. Itching prompts physical discomfort and scratching may be hard to resist. Sometimes, people worsen their lesion by scratching the affected area. Hence, an effective treatment is requisite to curb this perturbing condition.

Listed below are certain factors which primarily prompt dry skin allergies in winters.
1) Cold air
The dry cold air in winter weather is the foremost cause of outbreak of dry skin allergies i.e. eczema. It irritates your skin and strips away vital oils which are requisite in keeping your epidermis hydrated. It aggravates if you frequently switch from a cold environment into a warmer one such as centrally heated place or one near the fan heater.

2) Hot shower – A big no-no
Hot bath or showers are so tempting in icy cold winters, but your skin won’t be grateful for it! Excessive heat can dry out your skin. Swapping temperatures i.e. coming inside from cold environment and hopping into a hot bath makes your skin prone to dry skin allergies.

3) Itchy woolen outfits
Your cozy woolen and synthetic outfits can be a trigger of dry skin allergy. Unfortunately, these clothes are unavoidable in bone chilling weather. But, the harsh nature of some of these fabrics can easily irritate your skin.

4) Overheating the body
Keeping oneself toasty in the cold weather of winters is essential lest you strike flu or cold. Bundling up in a heavy overcoat might be a cosy idea. But, this prompts your body to produce itchy sweat which can further flare up dry skin allergies i.e. eczema.

5) Indoor allergens
In winter weather, people are confined inside to safeguard themselves from the freezing winds. But, when you are cooped inside, you may be surrounded by indoor allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and more. These allergens can trigger your skin allergy.

Inefficiency of allopathy in treating Dry Winter Skin Allergies
People put up with dry skin allergies until the lesion aggravates, hindering their daily tasks and productivity. Usually, they resort to allopathic dermatologists to get rid of their dry skin allergies. Unfortunately, there is no cure for dry skin allergy in Allopathy.
● Anti-allergics and steroids provide short term relief i.e. symptomatic relief to the patients.
● They reduce the body’s immunity by increasing dependence, so the dry skin allergy is likely to occur again.
● Long term use of steroids and anti-allergics is very dangerous as it can cause weight gain, loss of skin tone, deterioration of skin cells, hypertension, diabetes as well as they furthermore worsen the allergy.
Despite of completing the allopathic course, the recurrence of allergy distresses the people and they end up swapping doctors. Therefore, a holistic approach such as Skin Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda needs to be adopted to get permanent relief from dry winter skin allergies.

Ayurveda: A Holistic Approach To Health
Ayurveda focuses on improving lifestyle to maintain the health of the healthy and cure the disease of the sick from its roots. Ayurveda supposedly originated 6000 years ago and entails holistic healing with the use of medicinal herbs plus lifestyle and dietary changes.
According to Ayurveda, our body is governed by three doshas:
1. Vata
2. Pitta
3. Kapha
Normal activities prevail in the body when these three doshas are in equilibrium. Vitiation or disequilibrium of any of these, leads to roga(i.e. malady/illness/disease).
Does Skin Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda render permanent relief?
Skin Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda is highly effective and successful. However, it won’t wipe off the disease permanently from the body within a few days. It may take some time to work more deeply since the disease has to be eliminated from its roots. Also, merely consuming the ayurvedic preparations won’t really help.
Your Skin Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda will be efficacious only if you consume the preparations regularly and make the requisite lifestyle plus dietary changes as recommended by your Ayurvedacharya. This would sureshot eradicate your disease from its roots and render permanent relief.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Dry Winter Skin Allergies
According to Ayurvedic texts, skin allergies find their reference in Charak Samhita Chikitsa Sthan, Sushruta Nidana Sthan and Ashtang Hriday. Dry skin Allergies are predominant trait of Vata constitution. Vata prompts dryness of the skin when it is vitiated due to seasonal influences.
Proven Research-Based Home Remedies for Dry Winter Skin Allergies
Rather than pill-popping and deteriorating your health furthermore, adopt the enlisted home remedies.
1. Consume one teaspoon of shatavari powder in warm milk at bedtime. This Ayurvedic remedy for skin allergy is effective in reducing the dryness.
2. Have Manjistha kwath 40 ML twice a day. It is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form which detoxifies the blood.
3. Apply mixture of curd and mustard oil on the body for 10 minutes and then take bath. Also, apply coconut oil liberally everyday after taking bath. This ayurvedic remedy for skin allergy is efficacious in cleansing the body subsides dryness.
4. Drink Aloe-vera juice – 30 ML every morning before food.
5. Prepare a paste of 100 ML coconut oil and 1 teaspoon purified camphor. Mix them together thoroughly and apply it on the lesion. Follow this ayurvedic remedy for skin allergy consistently to bid adieu to itching.

Management of Dry Skin Allergies in Winter Weather Lifestyle and dietary changes are an integral part of ayurvedic remedy for skin allergy. Make the enlisted changes to live a healthy life free of dry skin allergies.
1) Always oil massage yourself before hopping in shower.
While massaging, dip your finger tips in the oil. Also, use more oil on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands to pacify vata during dry cold weather.
2) Always use lukewarm water in the shower or bath.
3) Wear multiple thin layers than a single thicker layer.
Also, it would keep you warmer and you won’t sweat. Take them off and put them on as per your comfort.
4) Avoid spicy, dry foods.
5) Consume loads of sweet, juicy fruits.
6) Add a little ghee in your diet while cooking.
7) Cook with coriander, cumin and turmeric.
They aid in reducing dryness.
8) Drink lots of room-temperature water.
This expels toxins from the body.
9) Apply moisturizer several times a day to protect the skin from cold, dry winter air.
10) Avoid or reduce direct exposure to the sun to prevent dryness.
11) Use humidifier.
During winters, the air becomes much drier both inside and outside the house. This prompts irritation leading to painful, cracked skin. Using a humidifier inside the house would add moisture to the air. Hence, preventing cracked skin which can further cause dry skin allergies.
12) DO NOT STRESS! It is likely to flare up your dry skin allergy.
Winter is a weather to rejoice and not to fret about. Following the above mentioned ayurvedic remedy for skin allergy rightly and consistently will keep your dry skin allergies at bay.

Posted on : 2019-06-17

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