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Follow These Simple Skin Care Steps for a Healthy skin

Follow These Simple Skin Care Steps for a Healthy skin

  • Give enough rest to your body: ‘Beauty Sleep’ is not just a term coined for all the divas out there. Adequate sleep is really important to maintain the quality of one’s skin. When you take a good nap, your body feels relaxed your skin repairs itself by shedding the dead cells. While the dead cells are replaced by new ones, sleep also builds up collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that help keep the skin plump and soft. You can bid adieu to wrinkles, blackheads and spots with enough rest of the body. Lack of sleep leads to irritation and stress that shows on the skin. This in turn causes inflammation, acne and can even lead to psoriasis. Make sure that you get a good 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night to keep your skin in supple shape. Applying ayurvedic products for skin before sleep can also boost the process and you will wake up with a glow on your face.


  • Avoid direct heat exposure: You must have seen many television commercials that tell you how harmful UV rays of the sun can be for your skin. This is true. Direct exposure to the sun for prolonged periods can be very harmful to the skin. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible not only for skin damage, but also boost melanin production and induce oxidative damage. This harms the skin due to the dilation of blood vessels causing inflammation and eventually leading to skin pigmentation.

Not just the sun rays but cooking, sitting too close to heaters, hot showers, hot yoga classes, and sauna and excessive steam room usage can also affect your skin and cause pimples or dullness. More than 30 minutes of heat exposure three times a week can effect and change the complexion of your skin. The heat makes the antioxidant levels drop and break down collagen that hinders one’s complexion. Organic skin care products come in handy when it comes to taking care of the skin from the dangerous effects of heat.


  • Drink the required amount of water:  If you want a natural glow, then water is the answer to all your problems. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and helps you look radiant. 6-8 glasses of water every day along with effective skin allergy medicines and using natural ingredients can help you get a pimple free skin. It helps in boosting the blood circulation in your body and helps the skin in repairing itself. Drinking enough water regularly also makes sure that the skin’s moisture is maintained, which helps make your skin look plump and supple. Make sure you don’t overdo with drinking water and also balance it wisely with other healthy liquids like fruit juices.


  • Eat Healthy: What you eat definitely shows on your face. So you should make sure that you are eating the right things. Nourishing the skin from the inside out is necessary. That’s why you should make sure that you load up on fruits and vegetables that contain powerful antioxidants, which protect your skin from damage. Having a healthy diet also helps in slowing down the effects of aging, occurrence of pimples and helps you in keeping the glow in your skin. Make sure that you have fruits, vegetables and other fiber rich foods as a part of you daily diet. On the other hand, excessive sugar, breads and alcohol can have harmful effects on your skin.


  • Adopt Ayurveda with Jivan’s Skin Pack: Jivan Ayurveda ayurvedic products are known to solve lifestyle problems and the brand also has effective skin remedies. Jivan’s is one such ayurvedic remedy that has antioxidant properties and is an all round supplement that helps maintain good skin. The product increases the body’s immunity, prevents infections and overall keeps the body in fighting shape, which really benefits the skin. Jivan Ayurveda combined with Jivancharm makes our skin care pack.

This ayurvedic skin care product helps you treat your skin from acne & spots while still keeping its glowing nature. Its herbal ingredients like Turmeric, Menthol, Kapur and Chalk are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and help the skin look flawless. Just mix 1-2g of the pack with rose water and apply it on your face. You can keep the face mask on for ~20 minutes and wash off with cold water when dry. Jivan’s Skin Pack is the perfect herbal solution that combines the healing properties of multiple ingredients into an easy to use capsule and pack. With this pack, you do not have to run around for various ingredients and find it all in this integrated solution. So, what are you waiting for? Order the pack now and get back your baby skin.


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Posted on : 2019-05-10

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