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Gain Weight Naturally with Ayurveda

Gain Weight Naturally with Ayurveda

A few tips for ‘Weight Gain’ in natural way

For gaining weight in completely healthy and natural way, you can follow these tips:

Do Yoga, Meditation and Exercise regularly

 Ayurveda always suggests that there should be a perfect balance in your mind & body. Stress can aggravate eating disorders, poor eating which can lead to a drastic change in weight as a side effect. Practising yoga and meditation on a regular basis is an effective weight gain tip that most people ignore. Besides practicing  yoga and meditation, you can follow these exercises that help you gain weight fast.

Include fruits and vegetables into your diet


Weight loss is a very obvious reaction when a person is suffering from an illness. One must keep in mind that while recovering from an illness, he or she should gain weight to get the body back in fighting shape. This process should occur gradually and naturally with the help of weight gain supplements and the right kind of food. Adding healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugar will not only help to increase energy and immunity but also help with a healthy weight increasing process.

Eat healthy foods


It is a reality that people with a Vata dominant physiology are typically thin. But, right kind of weight gain tips and supplements can balance this. You must eat right to build up immunity and boost your digestive system. It is recommended to include food items like nuts, seeds, whole and unrefined grains, starchy veggies, root vegetables and oils in your diet.

Build your ojas


Another weight gain tip is to build your ojas. Ojas means vitality, vigour and stamina. Herbs and superfoods like ashwagandha, shatavari, ghee, raw honey, coconut, dates, saffron, milk and almonds can help in building the ojas which in return will help you to gain weight.

Quit Smoking


Another tip on how to gain weight naturally that is also is very effective but less known is to avoid stimulants. ‘Addictions’ like coffee, smoking, drinking caffeine-rich drinks, energy drinks and even dark chocolate disturb the regular function of the digestive system which in return helps in weight loss rather than weight gain.

While keeping these tips in mind, one must know that there is another healthy way to gain weight, naturally. Jivan Ayurveda who work continuously on making medicines that free you from any ailment have come up with a pack of three very amazing weight gain medicines for effective results. The combination of these products is Jivan Ayurveda Weight Gain Pack. In the pack, you get weight gaining supplements called Weight Gain Pack that ensure that you have a proper digestive system and a building immunity system that will help you in gaining weight.


Let’s have a brief look at these products.

Weight Gain Pack is a weight gain supplement that has a concentrated extract of 21 active ingredients like Amla, Elaichi, Lavang, Kesar, Jayfal, etc. infused in the form of a capsule. These are some convention Chyawanprash ingredients in the form of a capsule that has all the benefits of the best chyawanprash for immunity. The herbs in this supplement prevent illnesses and ailments and increase the appetite. This in return helps in gaining weight naturally.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us at +919210168168 or email us on

Posted on : 2019-05-16

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