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The 5 Main Causes Of Hair Loss

The 5 Main Causes Of Hair Loss

Let’s understand this step by step:

  • DHT is a by-product of testosterone
  • An enzyme called ‘5 Alpha Reductase’ converts testosterone into DHT.
  • This conversion occurs in a gland called prostate gland (Which is present only in men)
  • The pores of the skin produce natural oil called sebum and DHT is carried to the scalp with the help of circulation of blood into the scalp or through sebum.
  • The papilla in the roots of hair connects the hair with the blood stream of the body.
  •  The DHT present in the blood does not allow the hair to get required nutrients from the blood and hair grows smaller and smaller each time it sheds till the moment it stops growing altogether.

In order to prevent this kind of problem Jivan Ayurveda has developed a herbal composition which is very effective for hair loss control and natural hair growth. These natural herbs prevent the production of DHT in the scalp.

  1. Inadequate Circulation of Blood in the scalp :Consistent patient examination and researches on Hair Loss at Jivan Ayurveda have shown that poor circulation of blood in the scalp is one of the chief reasons of hair loss. Due to reduced circulation of blood the required nutrients for hair growth are not table to reach to the roots of the hair and thus hair stops growing slowly. For a health hair it is very important that the nutrients are supplied to the scalp regularly and keeping this in mind Jivan Ayurveda has developed herbal oil and shampoo which stimulates hair growth factors into the scalp. A gentle message of the oil in the scalp regularly at night and then washing them with the herbal shampoo in the morning channelizes the blood circulation in the head thus providing relief from the hair loss. Also the herbal power contains such unique herbs which provide the blood with all the vitamins and mineral necessary for hair growth.
  1. Stress Related Hair Loss :Stress or depression has also been identified as a major cause of hair fall or baldness.  Continuous stress consumes the energy of the body and when the mind needs further energy it converts the proteins into sugar to get energy. Consistent stress consumes all the energy from raw metabolic materials and makes the body devoid of certain vitamin and minerals required for health hair and skin.  That is the reason why we have developed a herbal composition of Jivan Ayurveda which compensates the blood and body with all the vitamins and mineral necessary for health hair.
  1. Liver inefficiency  :Liver is a very important organ of the human body since it is called the filtration system of the body. Not only does it filter the hormones but also it cleans the blood.  If the liver is strong it will result in healthy hair and skin. For our body system to function without any default it is a must to have a strong live.  Strong liver purifies our blood and removes the entire toxin by the process of natural filtration. That’s the reason why the Jivan’s Hair Cure products have been prepared by the natural herbs which are essential for a healthy and strong liver.
  1. Improper Diet :There is a strong connection between hair loss and improper diet. One of the most common cause of hair loss in women is lack of iron. Deficiency of iron has been termed as leading causes of concern for hair loss in women. While examining various patients at Jivan Ayurveda we have found that people following poor diet lack various vitamins and minerals in the body which give rise to many hair and skin problems. Thus it is recommended to follow a proper healthy diet for a healthy disease free life.

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Posted on : 2019-05-01

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