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The Four Most Common Knee Problems

The Four Most Common Knee Problems

The Four Most Common Knee Problems :-

There are several reasons for knee pain but the four critical areas which are the most prominent causes of knee pain are mentioned below.

  1. Some people suffer pain at their kneecap while going up or downstairs. This is the most common kind of knee problems and people who reside in hilly areas suffer from pain from the kneecap region the most.
  2. When the bones joint at the knee joints are not able to glide against each other smoothly the pain becomes unbearable on walking or running or even while sitting. This happens because of the damage of cartilage or loosening of the cartilage from its normal position
  3. The upper and lower part of the legs are joined at the knee and get the support of the ligament for all kind of movement such as twisting, turning or absorbing shock from jumping. When the ligaments get damaged the knee areas do not get support for all such movements causing pain at the knee.
  4. At times, the tendons which attach the kneecap to the shinebone become inflamed and this causes severe pain at the knee.

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Posted on : 2019-05-20

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