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Jivan Stone Out Powder

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Jivan Stone Out Powder

Kidney stones are quite common among popular who have a history of kidney related diseases. The disease is quite painful and therefore should be treated in the best possible manner. With Jivan Ayurveda’s Jivan Stone Out Powder, you can treat your kidney stone from the root and get permanent relief. Jivan Stone Out Powder helps in diluting the extra calcium oxalate, Phosphate, along with the extra quantity if uric acid in the body. Thus, it eliminates the stonesthat is responsible for creating particles through urine. Moreover, the Jivan Stone Out Powder also provides relief from the kidney stone pain.

  • Benifts : Helps to provide relief from kidney ailments.
  • Quantity : Jivan Stone Out Powder- 100 GM
  • Dosage : one teaspoon after breakfast and one teaspoon after dinner with warm water.

₹ 2999 ₹1599


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Kidneys maintaining the water balance in the body. It also helps manage the body’s waste, maintain blood pressure and keep the bones in good health! Punarnava, the herbal medicine for the kidney to revel in a life free from any kidney-related diseases.


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