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Jivan Sugar Away Powder

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Jivan Sugar Away Powder

Diabetes is a silent killer it comes and you never know when you caught by diabetes, Imbalance of Glucose in the body is known as Diabetes. Jivan Sugar Away Powder work on root couse and help Pancreas Gland to produce the required amount of insulin which convert extra body glucose to energy or glycogen and improve Pancreas Gland functioning, and you can slowly get rid of daily intake of medicines to control your Diabetes.

  • Benifts : Helps to treat Diabetes
  • Quantity : Jivan Sugar Away Powder- 100 GM
  • Dosage : one teaspoon before breakfast and one teaspoon before dinner with warm water

₹ 3150 ₹1599


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Jivan Sugar Away Powder aims at curtailing the symptoms of diabetes, especially Type-2 Diabetes, also known as Diabetes Mellitus. This  mostly effective diabetes medicine works by short the sugar levels thereby help the body to efficiently use the insulin produced within it. This, in turn, lowers and in certain cases eliminates the need for ingesting insulin from external sources.


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