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Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil

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Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil

Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil helps in healthy weight management. It contains ingredients like clove oil, cinnamon cassia and piper nigrum oil. It helps in reducing cellulite, unwanted body fat and also helps in healing stretch marks. It helps in overall weight management for an individual.

  • Benifts : It is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical preservative like silicon, parabens or sulphates Regular massaging on the affected area helps in improving the blood circulation which helps to speed up the process of fat metabolism It has anti-bacterial and can be used to treat bacterial infections that might be present on the skin.
  • Quantity : Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil- 100 ML
  • Dosage : Massage daily in the affected area

₹ 3299 ₹2199


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Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil in no time by using the Jivan Weight Loss Massage Oil. The oil will reduce excess fat gradually and help you look good.

The extra fat and underlying deposits of cellulite will be reduced by the consistent use of this slimming oil.

This oil helps increase skin elasticity, thus ensuring that you don’t have any trouble or your skin doesn’t develop marks when you lose weight.

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